Modular car covers TECNOSERRE 

The metal structures <PARKING AUTO> of TECNOSERRE are composed of a set of standard modular elements that allow numerous solutions to meet all coverage needs. Thanks to their innovative style, TECNOSERRE car covers combine solidity and safety with aesthetic characteristics of lightness and design.

Find out which of our models is best suited to your needs:


Choosing a car cover signed by Tecnoserre means being able to count on:

  • Design

    Technical inspection and careful design

  • Modularity

    Complete modularity of the components

  • Quick Times

    Quick assembly

  • Assistance

    Assistance and Maintenance

  • Documentation

    Supply of user and maintenance manuals

  • Instructions

    Instruction sheet for mounting independently


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Thanks to decades of experience, Tecnoserre roofing systems ensure effective protection from sun, hail and, on request, from rain and snow.

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