Cockpits too warm? Damages to auto bodies due to the fall of resins and hail or to sunrays?

Owing to the car shelters produced by TECNOSERRE, all these drawbacks are only a bad memory!

Founded as a company of a craft, the company has rapidly evolved becoming an important reality not only at the regional level but throughout Central and Northern Italy.

From 2014 the TECNOSERRE s.n.c. moves to the new factory in Palmanova to expand and strengthen its production, establishing a close partnership in partnership with the Sclauzero Bernard & Figli S.r.l.

The TECNOSERRE roofing systems ensure effective protection from sun, hail and, on request, from rain and snow. Composed of cantilevered elements made of hot-dip galvanized steel, the metal structures <PARKING AUTO> consist of a set of standard modular elements, suitable to satisfy every need.

Thanks to an innovative design the parking covers of TECNOSERRE combine solidity and safety with aesthetic characteristics. It is also possible to choose different colors of both the structures and the roofs, so as to be better integrated into the pre-existing environment.